Year 3

1st  - 12th Grade Basic Supplies:

Continue using what you left off in last year! You do not need to purchase new every year. 


If you want to do nature study in a separate notebook instead of in the Art Notebooking Journal: 

Extra resources for writing:​

Pre-K and Kindergarten Basic Supplies:

Use what you have!

  • Sketchbook [for Nature Study & Drawing/Coloring/Painting] 

  • Crayons [beeswax or use what you have] 

  • Colored Pencils [we use watercolor pencils so they have dual use]



Pre-K and Kindergarten Core Books: 


1st - 12th Grade Core Books:


Geography Resources [these can be used in Year 4 also, or you can use the library, internet, books you may already own] :​


---------- NOTES ----------

McGuffey's Readers guide: 


The Good & The Beautiful Readers guide: 

  • For 1st Grade - Level K [click on "Buy Individual Items" or "Buy Downloads"]

  • For 2nd Grade - Level 1 [click on "Buy Individual Items"] 

  • For 3rd Grade - Level 2 [click on "Buy Individual Items"] 

  • For 4th Grade - Level 3 [click on "Buy Individual Items"]




This just makes nature exploration extra fun!