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Year 3

1st  - 12th Grade Basic Supplies:

Continue using what you left off in last year! You do not need to purchase new every year. 


If you want to do nature study in a separate notebook instead of in the Art Notebooking Journal: 

Extra resources for writing:​

Pre-K and Kindergarten Basic Supplies:

Use what you have!

  • Sketchbook [for Nature Study & Drawing/Coloring/Painting] 

  • Crayons [beeswax or use what you have] 

  • Colored Pencils [we use watercolor pencils so they have dual use]



Pre-K and Kindergarten Core Books: 


1st - 12th Grade Core Books:


Geography Resources [these can be used in Year 4 also, or you can use the library, internet, books you may already own] :​


---------- NOTES ----------

McGuffey's Readers guide: 


The Good & The Beautiful Readers guide:* 

  • For 1st Grade - Level K [click on "Buy Individual Items" or "Buy Downloads"]

  • For 2nd Grade - Level 1 [click on "Buy Individual Items"] 

  • For 3rd Grade - Level 2 [click on "Buy Individual Items"] 

  • For 4th Grade - Level 3 [click on "Buy Individual Items"]

*If you are unable to find The Good & The Beautiful Readers anymore, we recommend Pathway Readers instead.


Pathway Readers guide: 



  • If you feel like our history studies are too much for your younger children just yet that is completely okay. Utilizing age-appropriate history read alouds can be an excellent alternative until they are ready.


  • If you only have littles or you feel like the science books are too much for your younger children right now that is completely okay. Sticking with just Nature Study is more than enough! Exploring Nature with Children is a great guide for this.




This just makes nature exploration extra fun!

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