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Year 1 Materials


1st - 12th Grade Basic Supplies: 


If you want to do nature study in a separate notebook instead of in the Art Notebooking Journal: 

Extra resources for writing:​

Pre-K and Kindergarten Basic Supplies:

Use what you have!

*Please keep in mind that these will last you more than one school year. This helps to spread out the costs. All the notebooks have a use, and will be used for more than just one school year unless you fill them up.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Core Books:

1st -12th Grade Core Books:


---------- NOTES ----------

McGuffey's Readers guide: 


The Good & The Beautiful Readers guide:* 

  • For 1st Grade - Level K [click on "Buy Individual Items" or "Buy Downloads"]

  • For 2nd Grade - Level 1 [click on "Buy Individual Items"] 

  • For 3rd Grade - Level 2 [click on "Buy Individual Items"] 

  • For 4th Grade - Level 3 [click on "Buy Individual Items"]

*If you are unable to find The Good & The Beautiful Readers anymore, we recommend Pathway Readers instead.


Pathway Readers guide: 




  • Indescribable is an excellent tool for Biblical Science for all ages. It can lead to deep research, reports/essays for older grades, and very interesting discussions for all ages.



This just makes nature exploration extra fun!


If you have a high school student: 

Check your state requirements for science. If your state requires Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, & Physics there are online options listed below or you. These can be added to Lamp + Light as an independent study for your high schooler, or done in lieu of the Lamp + Light science courses. These courses have beautiful textbooks that are free and downloadable. If your state requires a lab, those are linked for you as well. 

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