Year 1 Materials


1st - 12th Grades Basic Supplies : 

Pre-K & Kindergarten Basic Supplies : 

  • Liquid Watercolor Paints : Doesn't matter what brand, you need the primary colors [red, yellow, blue] [purchase here

  • A Mop Paintbrush [purchase here

  • Watercolor Paper 

  • Crayons : Beeswax or whatever you have [purchase here

  • Spiral/Composition Notebook [primary lined]

  • Nature Journal : Optional. Great for joining older siblings. Plain notebook works!

Please keep in mind that these will last you more than one school year. This helps to spread out the costs. All the notebooks have a use, and will be used for more than just one school year unless you fill them up.

Year 1

1st - 12th Grades Core Books :

Pre-K & Kindergarten Core Books:

---------- N O T E S ----------

- We do not recommend starting history until 4th grade. 

- We use Indescribable for all ages through high school and have our high schoolers and sometimes middle schoolers do further research, write papers, give essays on the topic from the book. I learned a lot myself from this book! 

**  Select McGuffey Readers as follows : 

***   Select The Good & The Beautiful Readers as follows : 

  • For 1st grade - Level K

  • For 2nd Grade - Level 1

  • For 3rd Grade - Level 2

  • For 4th Grade - Level 3

If you have a high school student : 

Check your state requirements for science. Some states say 3 science courses but let you choose which subjects to cover. If that is the case, just follow the plan in Lamp + Light. Likewise, if your state does not require specific science courses, follow the plan in Lamp + Light. 

However, if your state requires : Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, please follow the guide below. This can be added to Lamp + Light as independent study for your high school teen, or done in lieu of the Lamp + Light science course. These courses have beautiful textbooks that are free and downloadable. If your state requires a lab, those are linked for you as well. 

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