Year 2 Materials

Year 2 

1st Grade - 12th Grade Basic Supplies :

Continue using what you started in last year! You don't need to purchase new every year. 


If you want to do nature study in a separate notebook instead of in the Art Notebooking Journal : 

Preschool & Kindergarten Basic Supplies :

Use what you have!

  • Sketchbook [for Nature Study & Alphabet Drawing/Coloring] 

  • Crayons [beeswax or use what you have] 

  • Colored Pencils [we use watercolor pencils so they have dual use]

PreK and Kindergarten Core Books : 

1st Grade through 12th Grade Core Books :


---------- NOTES ----------

McGuffey Readers select as follows : 

The Good & The Beautiful Readers select as follows : 

  • For 1st grade - Level K.

  • For 2nd Grade - Level 1. 

  • For 3rd Grade - Level 2. 

  • For 4th Grade - Level 3.

  • I recommend The Bible App for devotionals you and your kids 12 and up. Keys For Kids for kiddos ages 9-11, and The Bible App for Kids for your kiddos ages 5-8. Adjust the ages as you see fit for your kids' maturity and understanding level.

  • Indescribable is an excellent tool for Biblical Science for all ages. It leads to more research and papers/essays for older grades and very interesting discussions for all ages. Even I learned things along with my kiddos!

  • You do not have to do a musical instrument. If you already have one that you do, continue to grow in the skill. Great beginner instruments [you can choose any if your kid is interested in something else] are :

PreK-2nd : GlockenspielPentatonic Flute or Recorder

3rd-6th :Keyboard or PianoPentatonic Flute or Recorder

7th-12th : Ukulele, Guitar 


This just makes nature exploration extra fun!

OPTIONAL History Read Alouds

Initially these were in the required reads, but in an effort to keep things even simpler, we have made these optional. There are a lot of history movies in Year 2. 

What Really Happened in Colonial Times by Terri Johnson [Grades 4th-12th] 

History Lives : Rescue and Redeem - Chronicles of the Modern Church [Grades 4th-12th] 

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