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Welcome to
Lamp + Light!

About Us

About the Curriculum:

Lamp + Light is a Christian minimalist homeschool curriculum. We are very different from traditional curricula that overloads, overwhelms, pushes you to check off boxes, and implores you to do all the things, often leaving you feeling behind and exhausted. You won’t find that here. God’s Word is the centerpiece of our curriculum and is woven through all of our core subjects. Lamp + Light utilizes the methods of Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, Montessori, Classical, Notebooking, and Unschooling, and blends them together in a very simplified way of teaching. The design of Lamp + Light Homeschool is to center the learning on God, while growing together in faith and connecting as a family. If you’re ready to slow down, take the stress out of homeschooling, and nurture a love of learning in your children, then we hope you'll give Lamp + Light Homeschool a try!


About Our Team:

Telena Redfield and her husband Russell are the new owners of Lamp + Light Homeschool. They live in Southern Oregon with their kiddos ages 20, 18, 7, and 2. They have been homeschooling for 8 years now. Telena is a stay-at-home mom & wife and Russell is a corporate manager with Home Depot. They love the Lord and love spending family time traveling anywhere and everywhere together. They feel called and blessed to be able to continue Lamp + Light for all the families that love this curriculum as much as they do!

Shawna Cantway is the mastermind behind the beautiful design of Lamp + Light Homeschool. Shawna, like most moms, has a knack for embarrassing her sons by dancing to songs in the grocery store. She crushes homeschool jitters by: believing in the process, leaving room for fun and mistakes, and mostly by trusting God to fill in any gaps. Currently, they have moved back to their home city of Chicago, IL where she continues to grow as an artist and disciple with the strong support of her husband, Dave. Her prayer is that each homeschool family who uses these publications is blessed through the Spirit to do what we do best; which is to be the fun-loving parent our kids need.

Tara Weaver lives in Middle Tennessee. She is blessed to be a wife and mother to 3 kids. She is a homeschool graduate, and has been schooling her own children at home for over 10 years now. She loves Jesus, coffee, reading, taking naps (doesn't happen near enough), and she adores going to the nearest antique shop. Treasures and memories of yesteryear are her favorite. At Lamp + Light, you'll find Tara behind the computer answering emails, helping in the Facebook group, and stepping in anywhere else she is needed.


About the Original Creator:

Jane Manka is the original writer and creator of Lamp + Light Homeschool. She is a minimalist loving mama who started her blog, The Salty Tribe Co., in 2014. Lamp + Light Homeschool all started as a dream many years ago. A seed that God planted in Jane’s heart, and even though she felt the task was too big, He brought her to it and through it. He placed all the right people, at the exact perfect time to make it come to fruition. So much faith, tears and hard work went into those first 2 Years of curriculum. In August of 2019, after many personal changes and much prayer, Jane made the decision to step down as the owner of Lamp + Light and pass the torch to another homeschooling mama who could carry her vision to completion. We will forever be grateful to Jane for bravely stepping forward and creating this beautiful curriculum that God laid on her heart. It has been the saving grace to many overwhelmed moms, and we can’t wait to see how God will continue to use Lamp + Light to bless homeschool families.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! For questions or to contact us please email us at

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